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Stafford Air & Space Museum


The Stafford Air & Space Museum is located at the airport.

The museum houses a collection of model military

aircraft, NASA photographs, and other interesting

items collected and donated by Gen. Thomas P.

Stafford. His distinguished military career included

16 years as a record-setting and pioneering astronaut. 

For a directions to the Stafford Air & Space Museum,

follow this link.


Visit the official website here.


The namesake of the museum is legendary astronaut

and test pilot Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford (USAF, Ret.),

who was born and raised in Weatherford, OK.  After

graduation from Weatherford High School, and the U.S. Naval Academy, Stafford transferred to the Air Force and became one of the nation’s most outstanding test pilots, and instructors, while co-authored training manuals for test pilots that are still being used today.  In 1962, Stafford was selected in the second group of NASA astronauts, beginning what would become one of this nation’s most illustrious astronaut careers.  Stafford would go on to fly four space missions. He would perform the first rendezvous in space aboard Gemini 6 in 1965, and then command the Gemini 9 flight. Chosen to command the Apollo 10 mission to the moon in 1969, he would be the first to fly the Lunar Module spacecraft into the lunar environment, and complete the final full-scale dress rehearsal for a lunar landing.   In 1975, he was selected to command the Apollo-Soyuz mission, the first international space flight that would link up two old Cold War enemies – the U.S. and the Soviet Union – on a joint mission that would have profound impact on eventually bringing the Cold War to an end.  For his work, Stafford was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


A full scale replica of the Wright Brothers Flyer begins visitors’ journey into the early flight galleries. Further inside the museum are several hundred artifacts from the Apollo and Shuttle eras. The museum was named as a Smithsonian Affiliate in June of 2011. This Affiliation recognizes the museum’s Smithsonian worthy exhibits, artifacts, and displays. The museum is also listed as a AAA attraction.



For more information, call the museum office at (580) 772-5871

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