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Public Safety


You and your family will feel safe and your business secure because Weatherford has the lowest crime rates of any city this size in the state. Weatherford has 14 full-time fire personnel, 15 volunteer fire personnel, 19 full-time police officers, 9 communications officers, and one full-time and one part-time animal control officer. The city’s fire insurance has a 3 classification. Along with Oklahoma City and Tulsa, only three cities in Oklahoma have earned this impressive designation. 911 emergency services is also provided county wide and a privately owned ambulance service is available in the city.



Weatherford enjoys all four seasons. The winter brings an average of 11 inches of snow. The average January temperature is 43 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers are bright and sunny with a July temperature average of 81 degrees. The relatively dry climate receives an average of 28 inches of rain annually.

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